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Who we are

The team of teachers at the school teaches English to the students. The purpose of this website is to help people learn English in Hindi. Our goal is to provide English Grammar Study Material that is complete and easy to learn. You can use our study material if you are a student in class 5 to 12th, a teacher, a parent or guardian, or a teacher teaching competitive exams. Every post of English Grammar in Hindi is accessible to everyone.

Why English Grammar in Hindi?’

We all know that English is a very important language for us. It is widely used for communication in society, in the workplace, and in schools and colleges. Hindi is spoken by a large number of people. In Hindi, they have a good understanding of grammar rules. It is easy to learn English through Hindi if you are a native speaker of Hindi.

Learn all the topics of English Grammar in Hindi with examples, rules, and exercises. Providing you with the best English Grammar lessons through Hindi is our top priority.

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