Poem on Fish in English

Poem on Fish in English: Hello friends, you are welcome, on our blog we bring new poems for you from time to time, today we have brought small and big poems on fish, the queen of water.

Fish is the queen of water. It cannot live without water. Today we have brought some interesting poems related to the life of fish you. which are presented before you.

Poem on Fish in English

Poem on Fish in English
Poem on Fish in English

Fish are the queen of water

Mother if I am even in the bathtub
sometimes take a dip
out in no time
suffocate, panic

but i wonder
fish live in water
in the water all night all day
still out of breath

mummy tell me how is that
can breathe in water
how to build my own world
how she drinks

listen listen angel, listen you
let me tell you the secret of the fish
how does she stay in the water
but don’t tell out of breath

not us like you
fish got lungs
different types of respirators
around his neck

oxygen that is vital air
is dissolved in water
mouth watering
life giving nectar air

That’s why day and night
lives in water
he never gets out of breath
live happily ever after

That’s why it is said
fish is the queen of water
not out of water
the story ends

Water butterflyfish

so many colorful clothes
where did you go out wearing
you look like a fish queen
like a butterfly

please tell me these clothes
which tailor
from which craftsman
Get it attached to your beloved?

dip on the go
from whom have you learned
water show
what have you learned

sometimes by inviting us
take you home
and to all my friends
introduce us too

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